Monday, December 26, 2005


Emergent Kiwi has a postcard collection going here and I thought of entering our coffee group at the Kaffay as sort of a pre emerging church idea. Could our community become like a church? Here is my draft entry - any thoughts would be great -

Postcard 05
Photo – will try and get something of Kaffay or the kids when we get home on the 2nd Jan.

This is really a pre-postcard but couldn’t resist …
Some of the community of parents at our two preschools has started meeting for coffee in a local café. Is this the start of something – I hope so … Its open to all parents but tends to mums – I need to work on not putting Dad’s off. We spend a couple of hours together on a Thurs morning and have had some great conversations.

1. How was the community birthed? Well still being conceived really but as part of my role of community worker for the preschools I wanted to connect with parents and get to know them. In many respects it’s no different to other coffee groups especially ones in which the holy spirit is active ( I know of two other great examples of this in our church community)

2. What do we value? We value relationship mainly I think – shared experience

3. A song that sums up our year … I’m thinking something from Hi5 or wiggles

4. Best mission moment for me was going together to explore the new art gallery in Kaiapoi – Fragments of Grace

Saturday, December 24, 2005

He's born

He’s born

Some like the “Christmas feel”
Some avoid babies, even in a manger
Some miss those they have lost
Some have more stress – relational, financial

He’s born

Some catch the wonder of children
Some carol words come to life
Some get a restful holiday
Some grow on an advent journey

He’s born

Some overeat
Some go hungry
Some wonder and search
Some endure

He’s born

Some worship
Some spirits are stirred
Some miss it again
Some sleep

He’s born

We give – we share – we receive
We grieve – we’re alone – we fear
He’s born into our world
Is there space for him in your corner?

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Great Gift

You know how when you are buying gifts and you think of something that you really want to buy but are not sure who for (apart from yourself). At one of our "early Christmas days" today I got a Tear Fund Gift for Life and a guy in India got 40 fruit trees for his orchard. Thanks Rach and Neal.


Our Mops group of mums and preschoolers went to the Christmas Grotto for our end of year trip. The highlight for me was a little boy who pointed out the cross at the end and said "he died on there didn't he". I took him over to the empty tomb and told him that he came back to life again. "How did he do that?" he asked, in all sincerity expecting me tell him how to do it!! I couldn't go beyond - well he was God. The next time through (we did it several times!!) he took me through the last bit telling me what happened - so simple!

Monday, December 12, 2005

Found something I was looking for

Today I am very grateful for
- Friends who tell me what is happening in the world when I don't get a chance to listen to the news
- A brother in law with Broadband (Thanks Richie)
- That Steve is going to the 7s and didn't object to the cost
- And a fourth chance to see U2

Friday, December 09, 2005

Places to ponder on the web

I just lit a candle here

Places to ponder in Kaiapoi

Fragments of Grace
Yes Kaiapoi now has an Art Gallery - 60 Hilton St
Its a beautiful peaceful celebratory place to rest

Memorial Christmas Tree
The tree goes up in the library on Monday 12th Dec
A place to put a card in memory of lost loved ones
Cards and bows provided

Monday, December 05, 2005

Christmas miracles

Sunrise on a vapour trail
Creator and human combined
God as a baby
Christmas miracles

Fourth chance

For U2
First tour - I was in sixth form and not allowed to join my best friend at the concert
Second tour- I guess I was a poor student
Third concert - I missed the fact the tickets were on sale today!!
Fourth concert - I get another chance