Thursday, April 27, 2006

Interview & girls holiday

Its been a long time since I have been interviewed for anything so it was kind of nice when Steve Taylor asked me about the Easter Art Hunt here.

Beky and I are enjoying our 'girls holiday' making use of the U2 flight booking. Beky calls the Auck weather "stop go rain days". Baby Emily is lovely and cuddly and enjoyed by her big cousin. I am being spoilt and sleeping, reading, watching girls movies ...

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Law that protects victims

Some parts of the bible always cause me to question what was actually meant by the writer. Jesus comment on the law of revenge is one of these (“An eye for an eye” Matt 5:38 – 42). These passages have come across my path again this week as twice they have formed the basis for the devotion in the “word for today” devotional produced by Radio Rhema. I usually get lots out of this devotional and sometimes pass it on to friends. I wanted to pass the one in between the two problematic ones onto a friend but couldn’t do it without a caution; as if she and other people who have been victims read the two entries I feared the interpretation they would get from it. Our laws today differ from the laws in Jesus day in many ways but as far as I know there would have been no equivalent to our domestic violence legislation. My background in family law always makes me think of that kind of law first. Then when I read the message translation of Jesus words as “Don’t hit back … if someone strikes you, stand there and take it” I instantly think of victims of violence. I don’t for a minute think that Jesus was meaning that situation. I have seen plenty of people acting out of revenge in family law situations and the pain that has brought on them. But I have also seen victims who won’t walk away because they believe they must “love” the abuser. Tough love may mean walking away, using the law to protect yourself, keeping distant from an abuser. Some “rights” need to be used to protect victims and truly love abusers. I believe it’s helpful to put such cautions in when quoting these passages. Balance and context always make a difference to interpretation. Jesus treatment of victims in a society which didn’t protect women include:

– Raising a widow’s son from the dead, her only means of support, (Luke 7:11)
– Protecting a woman from stoning by people trying to make their own point (John 8:3)
– Healing an outcast woman by allowing her to touch him (Matt 9:20)

Monday, April 10, 2006

A few photos

Just a few photos from the Art Gallery

From death to life
Scrapbook by Lydia Smith
Photos by Tracey Parr

Dad I finished the work you gave me to do
By Josephine Mallinson

Entrance to Narnia
Jennie Linton, Audrey Dragovich & friends

Sunday, April 09, 2006


Easter Art Hunt is Open
We have told the story & our story to the best of our resources
Pictures to come…

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Of course

Of course it was this week that our washing machine (that has been leaking for a year) decided to die completely. I'm grateful we had a plan to replace it anyway!!

Easter Art Hunt looking amazing - come and check it out from this Sat
Mops preview this Friday 10am - other mums welcome too