Thursday, June 29, 2006

Fuller St Cafe

Fuller St Cafe (at Kaiapoi Baptist) is going to be open the first Sunday evening each month. This Sunday 2nd July we are playing the Narnia Movie - The Lion the Witch & the Wardrobe. The Wardrobe from the Easter Art Hunt might also make a reappearance!!

5pm start this time with pot luck tea, short quiz and movie starting by 5.45pm. Its PG rating for the scary bits.

The coffee machine is being installed this week so if all goes well there will be espresso on offer too!!

Consider yourself invited

Monday, June 26, 2006

Dreams of our Generation

This is a prayer I wrote for last Sunday inspired by a song we often sign – "Let freedom ring" – we usually play a clip of Martin Luther King in the middle of the song …

Dreams of our Generation

How Long Lord
Until Africa is free of Aids
Until Asia is free of prostitution
Until all children have food and medicine
Until just trials are for all prisoners
Until trade is fair

James 5:4 today would say
“Look the wages you failed to pay the growers of coffee and cocoa beans
are crying out against you, the cries of the harvesters have reached the ears
of the Lord Almighty.”

Can we really make Poverty History?

How long Lord –
Until we support our neighbours
Until women and children are free from abuse
Until lifestyles produce health

The need for love and peace is overwhelming

So this week we ask how long until we see
One person – one dollar – one letter – one choice – one prayer
For our piece of the dream


Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Tussock & snow

At the end of the road named for the harbour
Today there is tussock and snow
Like a high mountain ridge
That took hours to climb
But the walk is flat and
Beneath the snow is sand
Trapped below a thin sheet of ice
Are crabs hiding in the freezing mud

How much doesn’t make sense
Even though it’s the path my own feet are on
How long till the sun melts through
And releases all that is hidden

Snow reminds of Grandparents

You know how smells, songs, food
Take you back to certain memories
So does extreme weather

When it snowed last Sept I drove on roads I would usually avoid
And it was the last time I saw Nana

And for Beky her Auck Grandparents enjoyed the experience of snow
Today she noticed that “it looks like Narnia”
And “I must phone Grandpa –he’ll want to know about this”
And he did

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Finally the sun has returned
It was always there just not felt for so long

Today I prefered the chill blane fingers
hanging out the washing
to the chinese laundry and not even bothering with outside

I walked, sat and watched kids play all in a strong sun
soaking up the warmth

I got lost in the clear blue sky
and white mountains

I started to come alive again
even if just briefly as winter is still here
but not forever

Da Vinci Questions

A few of us from coffee group made it to see the Da Vinci movie on Friday night. Not exactly a chick flick I think I have seen too many boys movies!!(we watched Apocalypse Now -Vietnam last night!!)

Here are some interesting questions to ponder about the Da Vinci movie
1. Would it have been wrong for Jesus to be married?
2. Has the church excluded women?
3. Is God Male or a Goddess?

The questions are from here