Monday, July 31, 2006

Making it on her own

The setting is – Beky and I making scones – Beky making her own version in her own bowl adding what she wants (huge mess)

Background music – U2 “Sometimes you can’t make it on your own”

Mum singing along

Beky “But I am making it on my own aren’t I Mum”

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Fair Trade Mind Melt Down

Starting our weekend in Wellington with a Fair trade debate continued my dilemmas of how to respond to this challenge. I haven’t even seen Black Gold or China Blue yet – two movies coming up in the film festival. The issues are so huge that once you start thinking about the ethics of everything you consume it becomes overwhelming

- Am I getting a fair trade cup of coffee
- What about that Sante bar in it
- Hot chocolate is not a good substitute
- Free range eggs but what about the bacon
- Do I own any clothes not made in China
- Scrap booking paper is printed in China too

I’m off to make a hot chocolate with my new tin from Trade Aid today – I hope it tastes ok or my one change for the week will be foiled.

yep its good

Weekend in Wellington

In January it will be ten years since I met my husband Steve. This last weekend it felt like we had turned the clock back to those dating days as we had a weekend on our own in Wellington.

We even had an extra surprise of a night in a hotel courtesy of Steve’s work where someone had double booked a client and offered the spare room to anyone who happened to be in Wellington on Sat night.

Then we noticed that the directors of the Black Gold movie that is on in the film festival were doing a panel discussion an hour after our plane arrived Friday night. My other two highlights were the Lord of the Rings exhibition at Te Papa – the costumes were so detailed – and Caffe L’Farre’s style of Mochocinno – made with a whole chocolate sante bar in it.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Its a beautiful day!!!

Yah U2 have announced new dates!!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Next Fuller St Cafe

The Espresso machine is up and running now that we have more electricity available to the plug and the coffee is fresh and good!! This is the advertising for the next night - come and hear some brave stories ...

Saturday, July 15, 2006

New Game?

Beky and I came up with a variation on hide and seek last night - probably not that original just spotlight inside. We had a great time hiding with all the lights off and finding each other with a torch. Beky decided she needed a torch with her to find her hiding spots. Only catch my usual variation to hide and seek (reading a magazine) didn’t work so well.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Cold isn't it

Almost cold in bed (even with fluffy PJs)
Cold toilet seat (remember Nana’s sheepskin one)
Cold bathroom (too spacious)
Cold on edges in shower
Cold getting dressed
Cold reading bible away from Hi 5
Cooling relationship if don’t read
Cold in kitchen (little heater, not worth lighting fire)
Cold getting to car
Grateful for car being in garage (no ice to scrape)
Not as cold as Steve on scooter
Warm at preschool

Cold at church unless Paul has put heater on
Cold walking to Coffee group
Warm in the Kaffay

Cold walking back to church
Cold typing on sound desk computer
Warm in little office

Cold back in car
Warm at preschool

Cold in house until fire warms up
Grateful for free firewood
Warm for tea
Warm sitting by fire

Cold at other end of the house
where computer, craft gear & big TV is
Warm by fire again

Warming up in bed with electric blanket
Grateful for electricity
“Cold isn’t it”