Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Back to where I started looking

In the 80s the closest I probably got to God was with U2 –
In the 90s I discovered Hillsong
Now I’m back where I started
These two songs sum it up

I still haven’t found what I’m looking for
I have climbed highest mountains
I have run through the seas
Only to be with you

You broke the bonds
Loosed the chain
Carried the cross of my shame
You know I believe it

But I still haven’t found what I’m looking for

That my soul knows very well
When mountains fall
I’ll stand
By the power of your hand
And in your heart of hearts
I’ll dwell
That my soul knows very well

If my soul is my mind and emotions I think I’m still on the search
My spirit believes

U2 Music Night - You too are invited

Fuller St Cafe this Sunday 3rd of September - 7pm

U2 Music Night

DVDs - interview of local fan - dance party

Great fresh fair-trade Stella coffee and fair-trade hot chocolate

at Kaiapoi Baptist Church - 67 Fuller St

Friday, August 18, 2006

China Blue

One week after a glimpse inside a chinese garment factory
My heart is still heavy when I think of those girls
So much heavier as there was no nice solution
No list of where to buy clothes

17 hour days for 10c an hour
Sometimes working all night
Reliant on the factory dormitory
Seven weeks before she sees outside the factory
Months before her first pay which is then held as a bond
No way to make the several day trip home
So I can buy jeans

Nothing in my wardrobe not made in China
Much in my house
Would I knowingly buy good made by slaves
No way to know
Still I ask Lord what can I do ...

Friday, August 11, 2006

Black Gold

Last wednesday night a group of us went along to the film festival to see the coffee fair trade movie - Black Gold. It followed the story of an Ethiopian Co-operative trader who was on a mission to find fair buyers for the coffee growers in his region. Tedesse is a very skilled intelligent man who works very hard to improve whole communities around the 70,000 Ethiopian framers he represents.

Other strong images from the film were:
- The scrap of black board left on the the school room wall
- The room crammed with women "picking" coffee (removing imperfect beans)
- The child not malnurished enough to get into the feeding centre

The most helpful thing was the Trade Aid list of fair trade places to buy coffee in Christchurch which is also on line here.

Living with cancer

Sunday night was the monthly Fuller St Café.
We had a panel of six brave and inspiring people who have or are journeying with Cancer. I think the coffee team made about 70 drinks. It was a subject close to a lot of people obviously. Other panel ideas for the future include mental illness and grief. In the mean time we are now planning the U2 night for next month – sometimes I do love my job!!!