Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Vertigo Sat Night

I had better attempt a review of Saturday night before it becomes irrelevant.

We were right in the middle of general admission, not that far from the stage but given my height I couldn’t actually see the stage. I did glimpse Bono once but the view on the screens was awesome so it didn’t matter. Although now I know there was a pass out system for the eclipse I would have been in the queue – I was worried about the toilets!!!! I am so old and inexperienced with concert going!! Although not as old as some fans who were the worst part of GA - drunk and obnoxious. I did get one offer of a shoulder ride but the guy was having trouble standing up anyway. I also needed a way to get fresh air but nothing mattered once U2 got on stage.

For me it was the best worship experience I have had – everyone signing along to a great worship leader who took us on a smooth journey. Some knew where they were going but others didn’t yet moved too. At times I did wish we would all be quiet and just listen to Bono but I was singing too. Being in GA meant you heard more of those next to you rather than the whole crowd.

I loved seeing live the parts we had used at Fuller St Café – the call for peace between the children of Abraham

Seeing 42000 cell phones light up in the dark – so much safer held above your head than lighters must have been. Then actually getting a text from Bono …

The technology was amazing and like a huge canvas constantly changing with images. Seeing all four band members on the split screen most of the time drew you into their performance. Although I wanted to watch Edge too Bono has such stage presence. His vocal range really is huge as the Pavarotti bit showed.

All in all an experience I won’t forget – especially as I keep reliving it like this. We had to do the One Tree Hill photo - we are the tree …

Sunday, November 26, 2006


I don't know if i will ever be able to put into words what it was like but to see what I saw (on the big screens at least) go to

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Stuck in a moment

I am stuck in U2 fan world
5 hours standing to see a glimpse of Adam
But no autographs

Met more south island fans
couple from Nelson who actually had signatures
Brother and sister from Ashburton

What does a U2 fan look like
Most older than me (nice change)
Lots of other mums
Carolyn from Ashburton still breastfeeding
Baby in Ashburton
Mum to be of third who wasn't pregnant in March

Got stuck in my past a bit too
Standing in Waterloo cresent
Up hill from law school (good for loo stop)
Across from Park -several significant photos
On Barristers walk between town and high court
I did a big leap in my move toward God in this place

Good day out thanks to my family

Friday, November 24, 2006

with or without you

My U2 history has been a long wait not quite getting to see them -

In 1989 I was in high school and my friends went to the concert in Chch but I wasn't allowed to. I loved Joshua tree and all the words are forever in my memory.

Then I was a poor student by the next concert and still unable to go.

When U2 went off to reinvent themselves I sort of lost track of the new version - I "became a christrian" and everyone was listening to hillsong!! I guess I had to go through that "reinvention" too but have been catching up on the missed period lately.

Then came the story of the last year - finally getting a ticket and reading lots of U2 books in preparation. Waiting waiting praying for Edges' daughter waiting. My U2 tickets were my girls weekend pay off for Steve going to the sevens with the boys and now the next Sevens tickets are on sale!! No he didn't get one!!

But now it looks like I will get to sing live with the band. I have my own version of the Edge at home of course and will post a photo at some stage.

One step closer

Finally the weekend has arrived and I can overload the blog on U2 again!! I made it to the same city as Bono and the Edge so all is right in my world today.

It was a bit of a stressful trip to Auckland as we always fly standby and the flights were choca. We should have started trying a bit earlier than thurs afternoon but by some miracle we got three seats after a 3 hour wait at the airport. Beky survived just.

Steve got to sit in the cockpit being staff and Beky and I got to sit in the back next to some other U2 fans. I hope you find your way to the blog Sarah and enjoy the show tonight!!

Now we wait again and I am wondering if my family will be happy for me to stand outside the Hyatt all day with my camera and the booklet Lydia and I produced for the Fuller St cafe event. I only have two copies left and Lydia wants one signed but what if Bono wants a copy!! I've got to get to the queue first so we'll see

Sunday, November 19, 2006

journal course reflections

Right now I am procrasting about whether to do my journal course home work or keep blogging!! The course is going really well from my perspective and I am learning interesting journaling methods and experiences of journalling. The first night it felt like luxury to sit in a fancy cafe and have half an hour uninterupted time to write. The next week it felt like work to do the homework and I did only a little. The second night I struggled to focus on the task as it was a too busy too many coffees day for me.

The shared experience with both the larger group and our small group that travels from Kaiapoi to the port hills is a highlight too.

I'm off now to continue my reflections in a conversation here then actually do some home work?

A story to share

My other story from the blustery day ended up being a shared story in three places on Thursday. As I was walking on Tues morning (too windy for a ride or a run) I found a piece of broken bark that had been torn off a tree. (Broken) The inside was fresh, pale green and so very soft to touch. (Exposed) Over the day as I touched the inside it got bruised and as it dried it curled up. (Tender) When I got home I placed it in my praying hands (Safe)

I made small scrap booked cards to go with it as a takeaway for those who heard the story.

(photo to come)

As I think back on the sharing process I realise how good it is for me to share. A friend who knows me well as an introvert asked during one of the tellings if I was going to curl up and I responded no that’s why I keep sharing it. Are stories like this more for the teller or the hearer – I hope both.

Blustery day

Canterbury has produced some strong Norwesters this week and Tues was probably the worst. It was recycling day in Brooklands so we now have everyone else’s recycling in our bin waiting for the next day and someone has picked up ours. It made for an interesting community building exercise as people who hadn’t left for work were rescuing neighbours bins all day too. Tues morning Beky and I were chasing our escaping rubbish across the reserve next to our place and it was very dusty. This was Beky’s solution …

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Mountain Bike Compliment

Steve and I went on a rare ride together a few weeks ago
He gave me a great compliment
I am not that much slower than the guys he usually rides with
And I puff less

So I am fitter but more cautious
I can live with that

It’s a long way from the girl who fell off riding around Eastern beach
On the first present Steve ever gave me
The bike is the same 9 years on
But I am not