Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Vertigo Sat Night

I had better attempt a review of Saturday night before it becomes irrelevant.

We were right in the middle of general admission, not that far from the stage but given my height I couldn’t actually see the stage. I did glimpse Bono once but the view on the screens was awesome so it didn’t matter. Although now I know there was a pass out system for the eclipse I would have been in the queue – I was worried about the toilets!!!! I am so old and inexperienced with concert going!! Although not as old as some fans who were the worst part of GA - drunk and obnoxious. I did get one offer of a shoulder ride but the guy was having trouble standing up anyway. I also needed a way to get fresh air but nothing mattered once U2 got on stage.

For me it was the best worship experience I have had – everyone signing along to a great worship leader who took us on a smooth journey. Some knew where they were going but others didn’t yet moved too. At times I did wish we would all be quiet and just listen to Bono but I was singing too. Being in GA meant you heard more of those next to you rather than the whole crowd.

I loved seeing live the parts we had used at Fuller St Café – the call for peace between the children of Abraham

Seeing 42000 cell phones light up in the dark – so much safer held above your head than lighters must have been. Then actually getting a text from Bono …

The technology was amazing and like a huge canvas constantly changing with images. Seeing all four band members on the split screen most of the time drew you into their performance. Although I wanted to watch Edge too Bono has such stage presence. His vocal range really is huge as the Pavarotti bit showed.

All in all an experience I won’t forget – especially as I keep reliving it like this. We had to do the One Tree Hill photo - we are the tree …


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