Wednesday, January 31, 2007

If at first you don't suceed ...

I am enjoying mountain biking regularly at the moment (although have a sore elbow of all things) and this story comes out of the route I normally take around Bottlelake forest. There is just one corner and hill combination that is really beating me still. It’s a sharp corner and a steep climb (for the forest) right afterwards. I just don’t notice the corner early enough to be thinking about going as fast as I can around it and being ready to cut down gears fast too. I had been getting stuck each time I did the track and just walking up and carrying on riding but feeling frustrated. So I decided to learn how to do it right. I have been turning back, looking for landmarks, trying again and again until I make it up. The first time took five tries and the next only three. I am so much the same in the things I stuff up in life – caught without seeing it coming and rushing on without fixing it. What if I stop and try straight away to do it better each time …


Been a bit quiet again - mainly due to a important birthday. My baby is 5 years old!! We had a wonderful "12 dancing princess" party and are now bracing ourselves for the adjustment into school girl life.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Fuller St Cafe post card

Steve Taylor is doing a post card series again of emerging churches. I "sent" a card about Fuller St Cafe and you can read it there - Sunday 21st Jan.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Grief amidst life

I visited Otukaikino Reserve – The living Memorial
A wetland is regenerating – it’s full of tiny bug life
It is surrounded by motorway
The noise sometimes intrudes
Yet it is peaceful and comforting

Finding a place to be still is hard amidst life
Life intrudes into grief
Life continues
Tears come at annoying times

Thinking of Jo
who shared so bravely at Fuller St cafe
on the "living with cancer" panel
And other lost loved ones

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Where did that bead go?

I always love creative part of a church service and Steph who did communion last Sunday at KBC got my attention. Simply a bowl of water and glass bead to drop into it - representing the things we wanted to give to God. Tying into the image of our sins being dropped into the ocean and God not fishing them up. She had planned to use a bucket but ended up with a clear glass bowl.

Beky was in church with as and I talked to her about what it meant and suggested she join in. Very excited she asked - will the bead disappear?

The most comforting part for me was sitting back at my seat listening to the "dink" noise each bead made as it landed on the other beads in the glass bowl. (that effect would have been lost in the bucket) It reminded me that we are all in need and we are all in this together!

Thanks Steph

Friday, January 05, 2007

New Years Eve with kids

Since becoming parents our ideas about how to celebrate New Years Eve have changed a bit. Until this year Beky has been too little to understand or cope with any late night so the Grandparents babysitting has been the best option. (It may be in the future too – those lovely babysitters are readers of this blog!!)

This year we tried a “kids inclusive” New Years – it was much smaller than I planned with just one other family (our buddies the Smiths who are threatening not to be in NZ next year anyway!!) but it was all I was up to this year – watch out for an invite next year!!

We had a fancy party dessert – I made fruit cocktails for the girls but they weren’t impressed with orange slices on the glaces but the mums enjoyed the “Peach dream”. Then we played Cadoo until the little ones needed a Strawberry shortcake DVD break. About 9pm we started the “countdown” with sparklers & glow sticks. Then the kids got into PJs and we sat around in a circle sharing our best & worst from the year and what we were looking forward to next year. The Dads even got involved which was gracious of them!! Four out of eight of us were looking forward to “starting school” next year!! We finished with a prayer of what we were each thankful for. The girls went off to bed very easily knowing that they would all be in the same house in the morning.

Then we adults could spend the rest of the night together. A family sleep over – it worked well this year