Saturday, August 18, 2007

sleeping in?

Simon Barnett talks a lot of dribble on More Fm but this comment yesterday has stayed with me:
What all parent dream of is a weekend in bed
Sleeping, eating, watching TV, reading
All in bed if you choose

No wonder when I was asked for the highlight of my week I said my sleep in - to 8.30 even last sunday!!

any other parents relate!??

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Time Out - the story of a waiting parent

I just wrote this both for my missional church paper at Bible College and to give to the ladies at coffee group next week.

Time Out - the story of a waiting parent

I have a strong willed little lady who doesn’t mind being in her room for time out. “I’ll just play with my toys” she says. In my better moments I try and follow Diane Levy’s advice in her book “Of course I love you … NOW GO TO YOUR ROOM!”. She points out that time out isn’t a punishment rather a thinking space for the child until she is ready to comply. Thinking can be done in pleasant places. So I wait for her to be ready to get dressed, eat breakfast, pick up something she has dropped etc.

The waiting can be hard especially if the school bus is due so I practice most in the afternoon! There is a story in the bible about a parent who had to wait for his son to comply with the house rules. The “prodigal son” (Luke 15: 11- 32) chose time out or “emotional distance” as Diane Levy calls it. She even relays a story of her teenage daughter who would take time out at friend’s places for several days. That must have been hard to wait for.

So how did the father in the bible story wait? It has been described as “expectant and intentional waiting and preparation”. All along he was waiting for his son to internalise the house rules. Then he was waiting for him to return but he didn’t follow him or send him a pleading post card. I can’t knock on the bedroom door and try to talk her into being ready. The father was preparing to celebrate the son’s return. I need to be ready to celebrate compliance in an appropriate way not give a lecture when she finally comes out of the room. I’m not sure if time out teaches kids compliance or parents’ patience!!

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Kiwi films

I have spent today with my Bible College class finishing off the "gospel and film" paper that I have really enjoyed. We set up a new website with reviews of kiwi films called "Kiwi Christians watching kiwi films". I did a review of River Queen together with Isabelle. Much of my writing energy this year has gone into assignments which are too long to blog. Here is one of them online.


My sister Heather has introduced me to another potential time waster on the net. She has just left for an OE with her husband so we set up facebook pages to keep in touch with their travels. We have had more contact in the last week than when she was in the same country! It is a good place to put family photos though that I resist putting on here too much. You have to join up to see them ... go here if you have time ...