Saturday, September 15, 2007

Baptised in mud

Kim and Tara helped me baptise Gracie in an appropriate way ...

Be still

I was looking at our big tree the other day and realised if I stopped long enough I could see all the birds darting around. I could only see glimpses of them and couldn't see their whole flight path. But there were heaps of them - which I miss most days. Maybe if I can't see where life is I need to be still myself.

Gracies first outing

I have a new mountain bike and I'm enjoying it

My old bike was sentimental
It was the first gift Steve gave me
But it had started to fall apart

Wednesday I went for my first ride
I was so excited that four blocks from home I noticed I had forgotten my music. Then I noticed I had also forgotten my helmet!!

Why Gracie
A friend told me her bike had a name so as I was riding I was trying to think of a good one. I love the concept of Grace and then U2 came on singing their version of "Grace". I love how they describe it:

She takes the blame
She covers the shame
Removes the stain
It could be her name

It's a name for a girl
It's also a thought that
Changed the world ...

She travels outside
Of karma ...

Because grace makes beauty
Out of ugly things
Grace finds beauty
In everything
Grace finds goodness
In everything

Monday, September 03, 2007

Isolating Illness

I have just had a week of the flu and it’s that time of year when there are bugs going through families everywhere. As a parent it’s such a juggle with the family’s health some times keeping you at home for long periods. But then that’s just the flu what about the more long term illnesses whether it is physical or mental.

Jesus told a story of a woman who reached out through a crowd for him to heal her. She had been bleeding for 12 years. As Chris Grantham in the kiwi bible puts it was “like having a permanent monthly”. Now that would be bad enough in our culture but added to the physical problems in her culture she was considered “unclean”. That meant she could not eat or worship with her family and that anyone who touched her would also be “unclean”. She had been excluded from community for twelve years. By touching Jesus’ jacket she became immediately well.

Other things can isolate us too but illness and peoples reactions to that illness often do. No matter what our personality we all need contact with other people sometimes particularly other adults. If you are feeling isolated by something reaching out is still scary so be brave. If you can’t get out your door reach for the phone or computer. Jesus felt the woman’s touch amongst a pressing crowd – God is not too busy.