Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas peace prayer

I wrote this for our Christmas Eve service:

For all who face suffering or tragedy this Christmas,

Lord bring peace

For those who miss loved ones,
We think especially of Jonno and Glenda’s family,

Lord bring peace

For those recovering from the Earthquake in Gisborne,

Lord bring peace

For the families of those who have had tragic deaths in Brooklands this year,
We think of Graham Condon’s family,
The girls who were in the car that collided with him,
We think of Emma Agnew’s family and friends,

Lord bring peace

For victims of domestic violence that escalates as families are stressed,
For the women’s refuges that will over flow in the next week,

Lord bring peace

For those who are hungry, alone and afraid in our world,
In places like Darfur & Zimbabwe,

Lord bring peace

For those without homes in Bangladesh,

Lord bring peace

For those who live in war zones,

Lord bring peace

For those among us who have physical, emotional or spiritual pain,

Lord bring peace

As we remember your coming into our world,
You came to bring healing,
You came to bring wholeness,
You came to make everything new,

Lord bring peace

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Online Advent Calendar

Just looked at this online Advent Calendar - well worth checking out
Thanks to Steve Taylor and Olive Drane

yell or take a photo

Any parent knows those moments you either loose it or get the camera for evidence on her 21st. Beky's latest opps was washing the car with sand paper. We knew she didn't mean to cause damage when we saw the look on her face. I asked her if it was sandpaper she had used and did she know sand paper took off paint ... It mostly polished out. Just as well it wasn't the Vespa or Daddy might not have been so forgiving.

Here she is as an Angel this morning - more photos on Facebook

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Advent blessing

This Advent I was lent a book which is becoming a highlight. It has a short devotion each day ending in prayer. Its called "Lighted Windows" after the story of the "Little Match Girl" and is by Margaret Silf. Here's a prayer I particularly liked following on from Jeremiah 17:7 - the image of a tree planted by a stream being well sustained.

Lord, I live "above ground" for most of my waking moments. Teach me the way to my tap root (like a tree) in you. Clear the deepest channels of my being so that your love and and grace can flow freely to the exposed edges of my living. Amen

Praying you will find sustainance during Advent too

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Gift to Kaiapoi

This was our entry in the Kaiapoi Santa parade yesterday. Just as well I took a photo before we lost it off the trailer (twice!). There is something incarnational about a battered gift though I guess??? Beky did forgive me for letting her two favourite things - Dora the doll and her blanket bounce down the road. All ok