Sunday, March 02, 2008

24 four hours of mud

Our team Jo Sparkles has completed the Relay for Life along with 90 other teams. The first half was continual rain which made for lots of mud but it was hot and sunny to finish off today. The rain stopped for the first time last night right on cue for the 9pm candle light cermony where people had decorated white bags in memory and support of loved ones. The simple ceremony had the crowd sing Sound of silence, Blowing in the wind and finished with a lone trumpet playing Amazing Grace. The crowd couldn't help joining in by huming. There were not many dry eyes. Blowing in the wind asked the right questions and people seemed to find some answers in sharing in the expression of grace together. It was a good example of God meeting the community where they are at and it was an honour to be part of.

Lydia did a great job with the banner which was carried with pride.