Saturday, September 19, 2009

Emmaus Communion

I am leading communion tomorrow and thought I'd put my notes up here too ... They are the same as the ones I am leaving in our foyer where some of our congregation dwell 

Communion in the Foyer??
These are my notes for communion today – feel free to join in

Ritual of communion remembers the last supper – Jesus tells us to gather together and eat together and remember him
The next eating together story in gospel of Luke is after the journey on the road to Emmaus
A couple of disciples walk down hearted away from Jerusalem and don’t recognise Jesus until he joins them for a meal at the end of the journey and breaks bread with them

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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Rite of passage

Beky finally won the nagging battle to get her ears pierced yesterday. We had a deal about proper tooth brushing and she has had shiny teeth for the last couple of weeks.

My little girl is growing up too fast for me. Now she has beautiful earring to go with her beautiful face. She has often told us how many other kids have earrings already and especially liked to point out that our Sri Lankan friends baby has hers done. Yet in our culture it's a more grown up girl thing. Much younger than it was for me.

I had tears first as I knew it was another sign of her moving to independence. She was so brave and even though she had witnessed a younger friend have hers done she didn't expect it to hurt. She's not a tough kid usually but was so strong until we started to leave the shop and it hit her and she cried for a good 15 mins. I even had to go back to the chemist and get her some panadol.
Growing up is painful for us all

Friday, September 04, 2009

Inheriting my mothers service

I was excited to borrow lots of books for my next essay from a real Christchurch treasure ( an Asian theological library) When I showed Beky one title "inheriting our mothers gardens" she asked me to explain "inheriting" and then ...said she'd want my computer and ipod not my garden!!!! I don't think these ones will be much use by then ...

then I thought maybe it has something to do with the fact I am more connected to my technology than my garden!!

So my book would be called "Inheriting my mothers service" as I come from a long line of women and men who serve.

Beky's would be "inheriting my mother's technology"

Steve's reaction - no-one makes a profit from academic books - Anyone have some evidence to help me answer that one?? The fact I might not write with the aim of making a profit won't work at this point ...