Sunday, October 24, 2010

Many types of guilt

I have been thinking about “guilt” for a while now and struggling with my response as an activist to various forms of guilt.  I want to make up for it or fix it but I don’t want to bash others with it.  But is it even helpful for me to think about it this way …

Guilt is a useful emotion when it points out what you personally have done and then you can make amends and seek forgiveness.

Here are some other type of guilt by comparison that have caused me trouble:

Survivor guilt:
Is that felt by some who is better off than another following a trauma.  So for us right now if we compare to anything; from Haiti to people who need to rebuild and have huge mortgages, we feel bad about our own better circumstances.  But what good is that if we just feel bad about our own needs that are real too.  If we have something in our power and boundaries to help then lets do it.

Post –colonial guilt:
This may be felt when we look at our history as a nation and wish it had been done differently

Post –evangelical guilt:
I feel this when I wish I had been a gentler evangelical and while I am glad to move on it’s been a big chunk of my life.  I must be getting old as I now look back even further I have post-liberal guilt too!!

Comparison –guilt
As general term I think this occurs when we look at someone’s situation and want to rescue them.  Where is the line between sacrifice and giving verses letting consequences fall where they lie. 

This is all just mulling arounds of mine so please don’t take it as gospel – you could try this ….
Let us draw near to God with a sincere heart in full assurance of faith, having our hearts sprinkled to cleanse us from a guilty conscience and having our bodies washed with pure water.  Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful.
(from letter to the Hebrews 10:22-23)  

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Feeling for both sides of the river

This is the week of waiting ... I am over waiting and being patient but am carried as well.  Brooklands is waiting for news about our land status.  Only some of us will be in the release this week of the geotech report. "this" week could become "next" again yet. I celebrate that 1200 Canterbury people will get the information and pray for how they handle that.

We are also watching our beloved river and waiting for correct information - it stinks (yes it is a pun!!)  We poo in the port a loos for number 2s and wonder why someone would knock one over.

this is some of my photo walk yesterday - I love this place so I hurt

This last shot shows the Kairaki Yatch club over the other side in Waimakariri District.  They are very hard hit and waiting too.  So are our friends in Kaiapoi.  Please join me in prayer to support these communities

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Fruit from Te Puke

Te Puke Baptist Church is situated amongst some of the best fruit growing areas of NZ.
They produce great kiwi fruit and oranges and also awesome Christian people who have shared their gifts with us this week.  The church sent 28 people south to help out in Kaiapoi and Brooklands following the EQ.  They even brought 8 crates of oranges with them. 

After doing a FROG holiday programme in Te Puke the first week of the holidays they brought it down to us and the kids had 5 awesome mornings.  There were lots of tears when the kids had to say good bye yesterday.  Beky invited lots of her friend which saved me a lot of play dates last week.  A couple of the mums shared with me just how special the programme had been to their kids.  Beky is hoping the might join her at Sunday school too.  The team was so full of energy which we are starting to lack around here.

The rest of the team were very busy around the communities fixing, cleaning and supporting people whose homes have been badly affected. I even got my windows cleaned which makes such a difference when I look out the window – I can see the portaloo more clearly!! J

On Wednesday it was Brooklands turn to welcome Te Puke and together with our Kaiapoi Baptist Fuller Lunch team they gave lunch to a variety of people.  We had a couple of EQC guys who were looking for a local café.  We had to point out that the Restaurant is on the red list and that the dairy was a great start.  Of course we suggested they come back for lunch and they did giving people a chance to chat with them during their lunch hour.  The ladies at the dairy were so good at advertising the lunch as were the residents group so we had a nice mix of people. Of course we had a mail box drop by KBC people on Sunday too.  It was a real highlight for me having dreamed about community development in my beloved Styx area for some time now. 

So it’s hard to say good bye to our new friends – but Te Puke is not that far away - especially via face book.  Thank you is not enough to say but we praise God for you all.  Safe trip home.  Keep producing great fruit guys.  

Monday, October 04, 2010

Big Give Blessing

On Friday I had the privilege of meeting a team from Lifeway College in Snells Beach north of Auckland.  They were in Rangiora doing a school holiday programme and also blessing families through the big give project.  It was an example of all things working for good in the end.  I had suggested two Brooklands families in need of blessing but it didn’t work out for either.  One is now on our Te Puke list J

When the team called to see if there was anything they could still do I asked if they could do a couple of jobs for me instead.  Of course they could!!  They picked up a package I had forgotten to collect for my dear hubby and got be out of trouble there.  One cut up the flyers we needed for the letterbox drop advertising this weeks events.  The two guys in the team where both of island decent.  They turned up in singlets and jandles after a hot nor west day inland.  Despite the coastal nor east wind being much colder they shoveled and swept sand and washed plastic boxes outside. 

One result was my “EQ garden” was ready to plant at the weekend.  A good mix of silt and compost – now all I need to do is remember to water it.

Thanks so much for the blessing team

Friday, October 01, 2010

EQ part one

After I woke to the first wave of the quake I made it to my daughter’s room in a flash.  Unlike some of my friends I made it down the hall at the right time and didn't end up with bruises.  I dived over my 8year old and lay there telling her it would stop soon but thinking we really should get to the door way and out of the way of her bookcase.  As soon as it stopped we were all back in bed with my “oh so calm hubby”.
We live in the same neighbourhood watch group as the fire station - best group in town.  We see headlights passing the windows and it seems just like a usual fire call - the firemen are out already I think.  Later I find out that's the people who thought "tsunami" heading out.  Then we hear the water gushing - later when EQC visit we find its liquefaction under our bedroom floor - thankfully on the pile part of the house.

So hubby puts on his gumboots to check out what the water is - he heads to our neighbours thinking it’s their water pipes and to check on them.  He can tell the next part himself but when he eventually gets back he has checked with the firemen that its best to stay put and helped a guy who drove into the large crack near the bridge.  My hero doesn't even mention tsunami till the morning.  My daughter and I are too busy sorting out the texting to think of that.

I want to text our out of town family so they hear from us before the news.  I get a text or two off and run out of credit.  So we have a torch, visa and phone to top up.  Between the confusion and Miss 8 reading the card numbers we manage to put $60 on instead of $20 (came in handy in the end). Another text or two and phone is flat - no power for two days ... I so want one of those CD torches I have heard about that you can even charge your phone with.

The next week was a horrid blur - my Hero has to go to USA for work but I am blessed with an amazing family who step in for us.  I cry when we head over to Upper Riccarton for a break - I love Brooklands - it’s my home. 

We are going to face trying times in our community as people wait for answers to questions about land, homes and sewer.  There are no answers known to council or government yet but the wait is hard.  Amongst it all we are blessed though - Sallies come round, Baptist teams from Auckland and Te Puke are on their way.  Firemen from around NZ and even from NY are offering help.  

Next week (second of school hols) we have:
Free holiday programme for kids in Kaiapoi
Free Lunch in Brooklands Hall for those who like quieter environments - wed 6 Oct 11.45
Free stress response session - Brooklands Hall Wed 6 Oct evening

24-7 our local heroes, especially those in the fire brigade continue to serve us while this time it's their homes that are affected too.

Kia Kaha Brooklands - you are the best community to live in
Jo Wall 1 Oct 2010