Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Feeling for both sides of the river

This is the week of waiting ... I am over waiting and being patient but am carried as well.  Brooklands is waiting for news about our land status.  Only some of us will be in the release this week of the geotech report. "this" week could become "next" again yet. I celebrate that 1200 Canterbury people will get the information and pray for how they handle that.

We are also watching our beloved river and waiting for correct information - it stinks (yes it is a pun!!)  We poo in the port a loos for number 2s and wonder why someone would knock one over.

this is some of my photo walk yesterday - I love this place so I hurt

This last shot shows the Kairaki Yatch club over the other side in Waimakariri District.  They are very hard hit and waiting too.  So are our friends in Kaiapoi.  Please join me in prayer to support these communities


At 9:51 PM, Blogger suew said...

lots of love to you all. Wish we were closer so we could give you a hug. Keep the faith and your precious smile. Praying for you all xx sue and roger


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