Friday, November 05, 2010

Guy Fawkes Rant

Its time for animals to hide and fire men to be on alert again; although as I publish this it’s pouring with rain outside so maybe it will be tomorrow night.   We did get a box of sparklers this year as Beky is finally old enough to be responsible with them – I hope.  I was saddened though to see the Warehouse (never a fav of mine!!) with the large boxes labeled “reload”. If that doesn’t imply “let’s use these as a weapon” what does. I am off to the advertising standards after this!!

I remember fondly my mum helping organise our local guy fawkes nights back in the village of Lauriston.  We sold home made chips and candy floss and raised lots of money for the play centre.  We had a bomb fire and a guy competition and I learned some first political lessons about why we would burn big scarecrows (for a history of Guy Fawkes go here). All those gum boots going up in smoke was ok in rural NZ.  The night always finished with the local men on a trailer doing the fire works.  Unfortunately it came to an end after one night a tin of sand fell over and a fire work headed into the crowd and just missed the son of the man who had lit it.  It was just too dangerous. 

I still prefer organized events with profession Pyrotechnics and its great fun to watch from our beach location.  Last year I learnt of another festival that celebrates a pacifist Maori story and (with my hat always off to Mr Taylor) I thought how much I would prefer to celebrate Parihaka over a tradition that came from the "Mother Land".  Parihaka commemorates the peaceful resistance by a village in Taranaki who were all imprisoned on 5 Nov 1881 for refusing to leave their land.  Peaceful resistance is a good thing to celebrate and it coincides so well with the explosions that will ring around our communities tonight. Is there something that you could resist in a peaceful way this year … I am going to think about that as we light our sparklers.  


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