Friday, November 26, 2010

Pilgrimage home

I didnt think i would be back in my adopted home for another U2 show in four years or that I would blog on an iPad. It's amazing how much I feel at home in the city, must be a townie after all. Now if the U2 boys could make it a four year tradition that would be perfect.

Stops on this pilgrim's journey so far have been
Onehunga Mall cafe
The hard to find book shop
HJ and RJs new home just off Campbell rd where we lived and had our wedding reception
Mt Smart with the Edge, Bono, Adam and Larry, HJ and RJ, and Alice and Marcus only two rows away without any planning

Today is getting to Dress Mart in Onehunga
oh yeah I didn't make it yesterday as my dear hubby booked me a firm seat with fly buy points all paid for, no staff standby. Neither of us noticed it was for 9.30 pm until I got to the gate. I made it on the 11am flight by no small miracle. Just a tad stressed with 3 U2 tickets in my bag.

So I think breakfast is called for at a cafe or shall I save my budget for shopping.

today will also see me back in Shortland St, no not the sitcom the one just off Queen st where I started my legal career. taking the camera so the story will continue ....


At 2:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not much energy for mall and now can hear sound check for tonight. Just as well red zone tickets all gone or I would be in trouble. Better walk Jasper pup and head to city

At 9:58 AM, Blogger Jo said...

Shopping a bit too much with sore peks and hips from dancing. nana nap was good. didn't ding the VW on the motorway and made it to city. exchanged a kiss for poster in vulcan lane then down to the viaduct for a mojhito.
Talked HJ and Jasper into a walk so we could hear the boys playing again. wanted to go up one tree hill to watch but was responsible and went to bed with my window open.

Forgot to say that the two treasures I got at the book shop were art/theology books. one on Book of Kells (irish) and the other Asian - fitted the weekend well

Brunch in Ellerslie coming up
I know this comment is too long but not much point in setting up twitter or is there ...


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