Monday, November 22, 2010

Standing together - North Canty - Styx - Greymouth - Te Puke

Kaiapoi Baptist had a prayer service on Sunday and these are my notes for the community corner - keep on praying ...

Community prayer - ideas

Spiritual Awakening

Patience, Strength & Hope for those with damaged homes

Protection against family violence and crime

Support for those who live alone

Willingness to ask for help

Couples to communicate

Parents to be a good team and wisdom for stressed kids

Fathers/Men to be leaders & protectors in their families

Mothers/women to balance nurture and self care

Hope -Recovery from & protection against despair and discouragement

Post Earthquake-what would God have us do in our communities?

Support for family, friends and churches in Greymouth

Standing together with Te Puke Baptist and their communities 


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