Saturday, January 01, 2011

Pilgrimage part two

So obviously I didn't get the part two finished back in Nov and now I have had another trip to the diverse Super City.

This time my old boss and mentor called me back to work to give me good news about an old case.  I started my working life here with a wonderful teacher of law and life.  I do miss that life and would even consider renting a leaky home for the next few years if only I wasn't called to the Styx Communities.

I met the love of my life in this city too - the beach and a date what more could we want.

We ate and shopped at China Town; finally I have training chopsticks.  We spent time with our Auckland and Hamilton family; roller-coasting, picnicing, gift giving and just being together was a great way to begin to feel on holiday.

I finally got to experience worship Cityside style and loved their Christmas Eve service.

And now it's 2011 - I have made a resolution at the prompting of this new mentor - "not to care so much what others think".

Happy New Year - I am excited at the opportunities we face in 2011 in our island nation of diversity, pain, rebuilding and hope.


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